15 Most Romantic Movies to Get You Through Valentine’s Day


February is the month of love. It’s the month where you and your beloved curl up on a couch and watch the sappiest, cheesiest, most romantic movies you can find. Romantic movies that make you laugh, cry, get the warm fuzzies, and remind you just how great it is to be in love. To help you and your loved one prepare for that once-a-year film love fest, here are my picks for the best romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Love Actually

2. The Princess Bride

3. Titanic

4. Dirty Dancing

5. The Notebook


6. 16 Candles


7. Never Been Kissed

8. A Walk to Remember

9. Sex and the City- 1 & 2

10. Pretty Woman

11. He’s Just Not that Into You

12. Brooklyn

13. Ghost

14. Notting Hill

15. The Fault in Our Stars



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