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Atlanta Actor Symposium

On Satuday, March 29th, 2014, Morehouse College’s Cinema/Television/and Emerging Media Studies Program (CTEMS), Chez Studios and Breakdown Services hosted the Atlanta Actor Symposium.

The day was made up of a total of nine seminars, with panelists from Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. The goal of the symposium was to offer actors advice and education that will help them further their careers in the fastest and most economical way.

The seminars were be broken out into Beginner and Advanced Sessions. This allowed actors to attend classes that were at the right expert level for their needs.


About the Hosts and Sponsors

Chez Studios LogoCHEZ STUDIOS – The Chez Studio represents professional training in Georgia.  It was founded by Shay Griffin as a way to provide good acting skills to the actors working in this region.  It also has helped numerous talent find a direction to achieve their goals as actors. It works year round providing monthly training programs as well as special events through out the year.  “A Day For Actors ” is one of it’s most acclaimed symposiums. We are excited to combine our efforts with Morehouse CTEMS and Breakdown Services to provide continuing education in the film industry.

ctems-posterMOREHOUSE CTEMS – Morehouse College is a private, all-male, liberal arts, historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia.  CTEMS at Morehouse College aims to prepare students to be thoughtful storytellers and media consumers of film and television and offers them a foundation for further study at the graduate level and/or for professional careers in the industry. The program introduces students to the process of shaping compelling narratives by moving from idea to the written page, and ultimately to the screen. Students engage in the critical study of film and television, including history, criticism, and the components of filmic storytelling and participate in hands-on production work in the senior year. For admission, potential majors must demonstrate their academic seriousness and creativity by submitting an original work that emphasizes storytelling and their potential as a successful CTEMS major.

BDE logo red bannerBREAKDOWN SERVICES – Breakdown Services, the parent company of Actors Access, has been an integral part of the professional casting process since 1971. We are committed to providing services that make the casting process more efficient and cost effective for everyone, from Casting Directors, to Agencies, to Actors.  We are also dedicated to educating actors of every experience level, supporting events and symposiums like this one across the country.


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