Austin: Industry News 5/19/17


♦ Earlier this month, the Texas House voted to reduce the amount of funding in the state’s film incentives program—from $32 million, split over two years, in 2015 (down from a previous high of $95 million, split over two years, in 2013) all the way down to $0. The Senate version of the bill—which currently allows for funding up to $3.4 million, also split over two years—slashes the incentives program, which began fairly robustly in 2009… READ MORE

♦ University of Texas Austin makes the cut! These Standout schools offer competitive, world-renowned cinema instruction for aspiring filmmakers… READ MORE

♦ The Texas film industry took the fight for funding to lawmakers today. More than $60 million was cut from the incentive program last session. They want that money back. “We’re not sending anything to Hollywood. Hollywood is bringing money to us,” said Phil Schriber of Film Fleet, LLC. Several Texas projects have moved to other states with more attractive incentive programs… READ MORE

♦ Producers of the feature film “Galveston” needed a coastal town for the setting of their crime thriller, now in production and based on the recent novel of the same name. Galveston was available, but producers chose to shoot in Savannah, GA… READ MORE

♦ The ATX Festival, which heads down South to Austin from June 8-11, is collaborating with the Television Academy yet again for a special panel. The panel, titled “Power(ful) TV: Presented with the Television Academy,” will explore television’s impact to change hearts and minds when it comes to topics like race, religion, sexual assault, the foster care system, immigration, health care and more… READ MORE

♦ AMC recently premiered 10 episodes of The Son, a series based on the celebrated novel spanning generations of Texans written by Austin novelist Philipp Meyer. Reviews highlighted that it was filmed on location here in Texas, with the landscape giving the series an epic heft. And if our Legislature eliminates the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program, which there is serious talk of doing, a second season of this Texas story probably will be filmed in New Mexico… READ MORE

♦ The MTV drama “Sweet/Vicious” will be among the shows celebrated at the ATX Television Festival in June, Variety has learned exclusively. The show was canceled by MTV on Friday, but its creative team has vowed to look for a new home for the program, which tells the story of two women who take on secret identities to fight the scourge of sexual assault on a college campus. The ATX Festival panel for “Sweet/Vicious” will take place at the Austin event on June 10… READ MORE

♦ When the crew sets up and cameras roll on the set of the show “Day 5,” it looks like a full fledged film production. But you won’t see any of this on the big screen, or even on TV. This is an apocalyptic web-series made by Austin-based media company Rooster Teeth Productions, and its second season will expand the company’s cache of online programming… READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Ellen Lloyd

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Ellen Lloyd
Once Ellen graduated from college, she decided to follow her true passion and move to LA in hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. After jobs in a production office and an agency, she found her way to Breakdown Services where she learned all about the casting process from the ground up. Having served her time in LA, she moved to Austin, TX where she now works as a representative for Breakdown Services assisting the actors, agents, and casting directors of the South Central and South East regions.


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