Austin and Atlanta… and more.


News from Austin and other Texas industry updates:

♦ Students at the University of Texas at Austin will have a new way to engage with the “Mad Men” series thanks to its creator, executive producer, writer and director Matthew Weiner and studio Lionsgate. The acclaimed show’s archive will be donated to the school’s Harry Ransom Center, a humanities research library… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ Lawmakers in both the Texas House and Senate are introducing bills to abolish a program that offers incentives to lure movie and television productions to the state. This week, we talk with the head of the Dallas Film Commission about what ending the incentive program would do to the Texas film industry… READ FULL ARTICLE

The Hulu Series; 11/22/63

♦ Dallas has served as a backdrop for many shows and films, including the eponymous soap, Dallas; Robocop; Talk Radio; and Born on the Fourth of July.But if new legislation passes, there may not be much more filmmaking in Dallas’ future… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ The nonprofit Texas Cultural Trust has announced the 2017 honorees for the biennial Texas Medal of Arts Awards, to be held February 21-22 in Austin. The event honors Texans that have made significant contributions to the arts… READ FULL ARTICLE

News from Atlanta and other Georgia industry updates:

Donald Glover

♦ Atlanta creator and star Donald Glover accepted the award on behalf of the cast and producers. “I really want to thank Atlanta and all the black folks in Atlanta.. just for being alive …just for being amazing people …I couldn’t be here without Atlanta.” He also noted hip hop group Migos, “not for being in the show but for making “Bad and Boujee”, .. like that’s the best song ever… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ “Avengers: Infinity War” sets the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the ultimate battle for the many superheroes based on the Marvel Comics. The film will also be having a sequel titled “Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2” however, the title is not yet confirmed and will be premiering on May 3, 2019… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ Atlanta R&B artist and actress Janelle Monae was thrilled when she first read the script for “Hidden Figures.” Then, she was crestfallen for a moment. The character she was reading for, Mary Jackson, was complex and compelling. A skilled mathematician and aerospace engineer… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ The countdown has begun for the 17th annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. “(The event is) Atlanta’s largest festival and one of the world’s largest Jewish film festivals. It attracts audiences of nearly 40,000 moviegoers,” said the festival’s associate director, Brad Pilcher… READ FULL ARTICLE

♦ It’s one of the most talked about new shows on television, combining the excitement and drama of the music industry with big-name stars including Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt. And in telling the story of young women aspiring for superstardom, “Star” is also shining the spotlight on Atlanta’s bustling recording scene… READ FULL ARTICLE


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