Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New York: Industry News 4/20/17

The TONY'S finally have a host... maybe you've heard of him?

Vancouver Weekly Wrapup: 4/17/17

It's hotter in Western Canada than you think...

New York: Industry News 4/14/17

Harry Potter comes to Broadway.

Austin: Industry News 4/12/17

The latest from the city with the best slogan ever: "Keep Austin Weird".

Los Angeles: World Premiere – The Sweetheart Deal

Obie winner Diane Rodriguez explores struggle for farm workers’ rights in world premiere play ‘The Sweetheart Deal’.

New York: Industry News 4/7/17

New York parties like it's 1984.

Los Angeles: A politically-charged World Premiere at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

A fascinating examination of the very nature of political theater.

Atlanta: Industry News 4/2/17

♦ Thanks to state and local tax credits that have attracted a glut of major motion picture productions like Marvel’s Black Panther being filmed...

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Toronto Weekly Wrap Up – 12/1/2017

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