Saturday, December 16, 2017

New York: Industry News 7/27/17

Sondheim? And a gender-bending Company...

Chicago: Industry News 7/24/17

It's one HOT summer in Chicago.

New York: Industry News 7/21/17

Steve Martin AND Amy Schumer on Broadway? A potential Meteor Shower of riches...

Toronto: Industry News 7/20/17

The cast of Salvation enjoys Toronto's fast lane.

New York: Industry News 7/17/17

Cher on Broadway. Yup.

Vancouver Weekly Wrapup: 7/14/17

Alberta-shot Fargo nets 16 Emmy Award nominations.

Toronto: Industry News 7/11/17

Orchestral "movie nights?" Score!

New York: Industry News 7/10/17

Working Girl's just wanna have fun... and compose musicals.

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