Resources for Casting Directors




Post Casting Calls for Actors
Post character descriptions and receive submissions from licensed talent agents or professional actors. You control who sees your project.

Schedule Auditions
Our audition schedules allow you to receive electronic confirmations immediately to better manage your time.

Upload and Share Auditions
Eco Cast is the first choice of Casting Directors to create in-office auditions.  It is the number one audition capture system in North America. The versatility of Eco Cast allows you to put all of your auditions in one place, with one platform. You can tape, upload instantly, share and request virtual self-tape auditions.

Self-taped Auditions
Eco Cast allows you to request self-tape virtual auditions from actors and manage their video submissions easily.

Distribute Sides
Have your sides readily available or password protected and watermarked in Sides Express (for agents) or Showfax (for actors).

Manage Your Entire Business
With TalentPro CD, manage all aspects of your business from a call logs, to letter generators, to deal memos.

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