FAQ – Actors

What are Breakdowns?
Breakdowns are complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts for episodics, pilots, feature films, commercials, print projects, theater, and many other types of projects that require acting talent. Breakdowns approved for release are sent out in real-time through our websites at breakdownexpress.com and actorsaccess.com

Who can receive Breakdowns?
Actors and Talent Representatives.  Licensed Talent agencies receive Breakdowns throughout North America. Personal managers in Los Angeles and New York can also subscribe to Breakdown Services.  Actors can get Breakdowns through Actors Access only. Casting Directors determine who can receive their projects.

How do I contact Breakdown Services®?
We have offices across North America able to provide support 24/7, 7 days a week.  Find contact information HERE

What does “Register for Free” on Actors Access® get me?
Free registration on Actors Access® allows you 2 photos, a resume, a size card, your 1st SlateShot®, and the ability to view Breakdowns 24/7. There are NO monthly maintenance fees to keep your profile active.

What is the difference between Actors Access® and Showfax®?
Actors Access® is the actor’s resource to maintain a profile including pictures, resume, SlateShot®, and videos, as well as view Breakdowns AT NO CHARGE. Showfax® is the companion website that provides sides for auditions. Additionally, an annual subscription on Showfax® waives all submission and transmission fees on Actors Access®.

What optional paid services are available on Actors Access®?
All additional profile elements are one-time fees:

  • $10/additional photo
  • $22/min of video
  • $11/min of audio
  • $5/additional SlateShot℠

What are the benefits of a Showfax® membership?
An annual membership of $68 on Showfax® will get you:

  • Free sides on showfax.com
  • Submit for free on actorsaccess.com
  • Transmit Eco Cast® videos for free
  • Free transmission of video clips with submission

Can you help me find representation?
Yes! Talent Link® is a service we provide to actors who are seeking new talent representation. It is a great way for you to put yourself in front of Los Angeles and New York talent agents and managers. Talent Link® has been very successful with more than half of the actors in each group receiving multiple responses from talent representatives.

Are there tutorials to learn how to best use Actors Access®?
We are currently completing a playlist of tutorial videos on using Actors Access®. Check back soon!