Good Time: Down The Rabbit Hole


I need to turn myself in to the police, because after watching this movie it feels like I’m an accomplice to a crime. Good Time feels so raw and gritty that I recommend watching this movie with a heavy blanket or a cup of warm tea to balance out the intensity. I had to stand during a few scenes due to the anxiety it provoked – and I loved every second of it.

Good Time follows the story of two brothers and their struggle to avoid the temptations of crime. We get dragged into the streets of Queens, N.Y. with Connie (Robert Pattinson), who is desperate to find a better life for himself and his developmentally disabled brother Nick (Benny Safdie). At its core, this movie is about what someone might do to save their family.

The entire movie takes place over the span of 24 hours, so the energy is high. Ronald Bronstein and Josh Safdie have written a story that will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Safdie brothers, known for their gritty low budget Indie films like Daddy Longlegs and Heaven Knows What, direct the movie in a raw and beautiful way. You feel like you are in the streets with Connie in a dangerous but revealing perspective. You feel the desperate nature of the situation because you are part of the action. The cinematography is fast and fun. Benny Safdie revealed, “The movie needs to move at the speed of Connie and Connie’s brain – fast”.

Robert Pattinson gives the performance of his career. He reminded me of the kind of guy you would never want to approach in public, shifty eyed and desperate. He will keep you totally engaged, dragging you down the rabbit hole of crime.

The most criminal thing about Good Time, however, is that it was robbed of any Oscar nominations. Robbie Pat (my boy) should be snatching that sweet gold tiny man for Best Actor and the Safdie brothers deserve it for both Writing and Directing. The film was one of the best critically reviewed films at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. It also received a 6 minute ovation from the famously critical Cannes audience.

There are multiple scenes that will stick with you well after the movie is over. You will never look at Robert Pattinson or a bottle of Sprite the same again!


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