Michigan’s Own has Hollywood Knocking


Raised in Traverse City, MI, author Doug Stanton (The Odyssey of Echo Company, In Harm’s Way) has come a long way – about 2,417 miles, to be exact. His 2009 New York Times best seller Horse Soldiers has been turned into a film called 12 Strong starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Pena, Michael Shannon and Trevante Rhodes. The Jerry Bruckheimer movie is about a Special Forces group that was deployed into Afghanistan after 9/11 to fight the Taliban.

“Never thought I’d see this on a marquee,” said Stanton, who is understandably overwhelmed. When 12 Strong premiered at the Lincoln Center he said it was “An awesome party, the audience was clapping throughout the movie, it was such a thrill. I hope it’s not a once in a lifetime experience, but it felt that way.”

He brought his whole family along to the world premier. His wife, Anne, just wanted to meet Chris Hemsworth, but his three kids Kate, John and Will actually worked on the film as production assistants. Stanton was sitting across from Matt Damon and they talked details from the book. “I was surprised to hear he read Horse Soldiers; he was incredibly great. Everyone was gracious and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t eat anything but I heard the food was fantastic,” said Stanton. He was delighted to hear directly from Tom Brokaw what a big fan of The Odyssey of Echo Company he was.

While Stanton isn’t sure what’s coming next, 12 Strong has already taken in almost 19 million dollars domestic and over 21 million worldwide. Don’t miss 12 Strong – and keep an eye on Michigan native Doug Stanton.

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Jason Teresi
Jason Teresi was born and raised in Chicago. He attended DePaul Theatre School and Columbia College Theatre School. After graduating in 1995 Jason moved to Los Angeles. Wanting to work somewhere in the industry and avoid waiting tables he started working at Showfax, which was soon bought-out by Breakdown Services. He was employed by both companies for over 8 years which gave him a unique look at other aspects of the entertainment industry and a better working knowledge of how Talent Agents and Casting Directors operate. In 2006, Jason moved back to Chicago and became the Director of Regional Services for Breakdown Services, his current role.


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