Ready Player One


So Freddy Krueger, Harley Quinn, and the Iron Giant walk into a bar… wait. They could never exist in the same universe, could they? Pop culture buffet is the best way to describe this trailer. Based on Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One has fan boys and girls everywhere drooling over the possibilities of these dream world mash-ups. When I say dream world, I am of course referring to the virtual reality world of the Oasis.

VR is no doubt the way of the future, a sentiment explored by Cline’s novel via the virtual world of The Oasis. Anyone who has tried out the new tech will tell you that the future is looking so bright you will have to wear shades – AKA headsets, as seen in the above trailer. The possibilities of VR are endless and in Ready Player One they are taken to the geekiest level imaginable. Street races where the Delorean reaches speeds of 88 against Stephen King’s Christine, the Akira cycle, AND a mechanical scorpion!? Take all my money and sign me up for the ride!

The trailer starts with a beautiful sweeping score version of “Pure Imagination”, which is fitting because the world of Oasis is not far off from the Wonka Factory that we all know and love. The nostalgic potential of this film is incomparable to anything I can think of. The score will be created by Alan Silvestri who composed Back to the Future.

*drool hits the keyboard again*

But what director could possibly make this mash-up work? All of these amazing characters coming together in one story will be very difficult to pull off. My fear is that the book would be impossible to make, so who do they choose to lead the project? Steven freakin Spielberg! Good luck Steve, you have all of our expectations set impossibly high.


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