3/16/17 – David Melville and Greyson Chadwick

The Snow Geese

David Melville – Managing Director for the Independent Shakespeare Co. (presenters of the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival and the Independent Studio in the Atwater Crossing Arts + Innovative Complex) joins Michael and Andrew to discuss the west coast premiere of  THE SNOW GEESE written by Sharr White; and directed by Melville.  THE SNOW GEESE opens Friday, March 17 at 7:30pm and continues through Sunday, April 9 at Independent Studio in the Atwater Crossing Arts + Innovation Complex  in Atwater Village.  THE SNOW GEESE conjures an American family at the end of an era. On November 1, 1917, recent widower Elizabeth Gaesling (played by Melissa Chalsma) gathers her family together for a final shooting party before her charismatic eldest son heads off to war. By the next morning, the champagne’s all gone, the secrets are all out, and their world will never be the same.

33 Variations

Greyson Chadwick also guests to talk about her co-starring role in 33 VARIATIONS at the Actors Co-Op David Schall Theatre in Hollywood, CA:   A mother comes to terms with her daughter.  A composer comes to terms with his genius.  And, even though they’re separated by 200 years, these two people share an obsession that might, even for just a moment, make time stand still.  Drama, memory and music combine to transport you from present-day New York to 19th Century Austria in this extraordinary Tony-nominated play about passion, parenthood and the moments of beauty that can transform life.  Ms. Chadwick also discusses her position as Producer for Actors Co-op and the final play of the company’s 25th Anniversary season: CATS-PAW a play written by William Mastrosimone: Torn from today’s headlines, what do you do when your enemy may be smarter than you? Mastrosimone’s gripping drama about a terrorist who has wreaked madness and destruction on America and is about to use a news reporter to exploit just one more valuable hostage – the world’s supply of clean water. For mature audiences.

To listen live today at 1PM (PST) please click the link below and select Channel 2:


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