4/13/17 – Scott Damian and Heather Provost


Producers/Performers and Writers Scott Damian and Heather Provost join Michael and Andrew to discuss their careers and their present involvement in the formulation of a live arts-related hands-on mentoring program for underprivileged teens, minority teens and LGBT teens within the framework of theatrical productions at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA.  To kick off fundraising efforts for the program, Damian and Provost also talk about their first production:  Talking to Myself… a one man stage show starring voice over artist James Arnold Taylor (Obi Wan in The Clone Wars, Johnny Test on Johnny Test, Yundo on The Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, and The Flash on Lego’s Marvel’s Avengers).  The evening will be presented April 20, 2017.

To listen to the archived broadcast, click the link below:



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