The Chi – One of Chicago’s Own


Lena Waithe, born in Chicago Illinois, is a producer, writer, and actress known for Master of None (2015), Dear White People (2014), and The Chi (2018).

Hollywood has been waiting in line to work with her since she became the first black woman to win an Emmy for writing. She won for penning the Master of None episode Thanksgiving, in which she also starred as the main character.

With her new Showtime series, The Chi, Lena is giving the entertainment industry in Chicago a huge boost – not to mention her being an influence for women everywhere.

The Chi takes place on Chicago’s South Side, where Lena grew up – and who knows the landscape better than someone who was born and raised there? Lena was raised in a one-parent household by her mother. “It was a community where people knew each other and took care of each other,” she said.

Lena is now busier than ever and her phone never stops ringing. In fact, TBS has given a green light to her pilot for Twenties. The show, which is about friendship, love, and navigating one’s early twenties, follows the adventures of a queer black girl, Hattie, and her two straight best friends Marie and Nia.

Chicago is big, but now Lena Waithe is in the big time – so make sure not to miss a single episode of The Chi, available on Showtime.

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Jason Teresi
Jason Teresi was born and raised in Chicago. He attended DePaul Theatre School and Columbia College Theatre School. After graduating in 1995 Jason moved to Los Angeles. Wanting to work somewhere in the industry and avoid waiting tables he started working at Showfax, which was soon bought-out by Breakdown Services. He was employed by both companies for over 8 years which gave him a unique look at other aspects of the entertainment industry and a better working knowledge of how Talent Agents and Casting Directors operate. In 2006, Jason moved back to Chicago and became the Director of Regional Services for Breakdown Services, his current role.


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