Toronto 2015 Event Schedule





Event Schedule

The Actor Symposium Series: Toronto provides a wide variety of seminars available.  See the details below!

Tickets for all seminars are available now!  Click here to go to the EventBrite page to pre-register for all panels.  This event is going to be fully booked up, so to get access you must pre-register or sign up for the waitlist.

At the symposium, give your name at the Pre-registration table and we will provide you with wristbands for the seminars you have registered for.  You may still attend if you’re on the waitlist, but those with reservations will be seated first.

Please Note:  Panelists and moderators are subject to change without notice!

SEMINAR 1 – 11:30AM-1:00PM – “Film vs TV vs Theatre”

Come to this panel of experienced coaches, actors, and other industry professionals to learn about the differences in technique when auditioning and acting for single-camera shoots, multi-camera shoots, and stage.

  • Panelists:
    • Lewis Baumander (Lewis Baumander Acting Studio / Casting Central)
    • Greg Bryk (Star of “Bitten”, “The Expanse”, and “The Book of Negroes”)
    • Joel Thomas Hynes (Screenwriter for “Cast No Shadow”)
    • Paul Weber (Casting Director for “Stargate SG-1”, “Dead Like Me”, and “Spartacus”)
    • Ari Weinberg (Acting Up Stage Company)
  • Moderator: Gary Marsh (Breakdown Services)

SEMINAR 2 – 1:15PM-2:00PM – “Behind the Casting Curtain”

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Casting Directors review the submissions they get for roles.  See how your profile actually looks to the people deciding whether to call you in for an audition or not, and learn some simple tricks to help make your submission stand out from the crowd.  Additionally, take part in a raffle of prizes such as demo reel uploads, industry related services, and more.

  • Presented by: Gary Marsh (Breakdown Services)

SEMINAR 3 – 2:30PM-4:00PM – “Auditioning Dos & Don’ts with Toronto Casting Directors”

Getting an audition is one thing, making the best of it when you get there is the key.  When you go into an audition, there are certain things you should do and not do.  Come to this seminar to hear from established Casting Directors the things actors do that either drive them nuts, or make them put you on the short list.

  • Panelists:
    • Krisha Bullock (Casting Director for “Henry Danger”, “iCarly”, and “All That”)
    • Nicole Hilliard-Forde (Casting Director for “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and Casting Associate for “Falling Skies”)
    • Sara Kay (Casting Director for “Bitten” and “Fringe”)
    • Jenny Lewis (Casting Director for “Bitten” and “Fringe”)
  • Moderator: David Guthrie (Casting Central)

SEMINAR 4 – 4:15PM-5:45PM – Casting US Productions

This panel of outstanding Casting Directors from Canada and the United States will discuss the unique process and challenges of casting US productions that will be filming in Canada.  How do Casting Directors across the border divide up responsibilities and what specific things can you do to be better prepared when these opportunities come around?

  • Panelists:
    • Deirdre Bowen (Casting Director for “Eastern Promises”, “A History of Violence”, and “Romeo + Juliet”)
    • Corinne Clark (Casting Director for “The Killing”, “Once Upon a Time”, and “Rogue”)
    • Paul Weber (Casting Director for “Stargate SG-1”, “Dead Like Me”, and “Spartacus”)
  • Moderator: Gary Marsh (Breakdown Services)


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