Toronto: Industry News 4/26/17


♦ Margaret Atwood is a Canadian icon. Best known for her work as a novelist, she has won numerous awards for her literature, has been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame and now has a number of novels headed for small-screen adaptation. At 77 years old there seems to be no stopping her… READ MORE

Susan Hummel

♦ Vancouver and Santa Monica-based global content company Lionsgate has tapped Susan Hummel to lead its first distribution office in Toronto. Hummel has been appointed EVP and managing director of Lionsgate’s Anchor Bay distribution arm in Canada. She’ll be charged with managing and leading the new office, as well as maximizing licensing opportunities for Lionsgate and Starz’ film and TV portfolios and expanding the company’s unscripted TV presence in Canada… READ MORE

♦ Don’t miss out on Inside Out’s 2017 Launch Party on Friday, May 5th! Toronto’s ever-growing LGBT Film Festival runs this year from May 25th to June 4th — it is the largest event of its kind in Canada, bringing the LGBTQ community and its allies together with unforgettable cinematic experiences… READ MORE

♦ Recognize any of these places? A little movie magic goes a long way to transform Toronto, Kingston and Hamilton locations into a stunning American Gothic backdrop for Guillermo del Toro’s 2015 thriller Crimson Peak… READ MORE

♦ BMO International Film Festival of South Asia passes through Toronto to help celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary… and cater to the city’s beautifully diverse tastes…  READ MORE

♦ Film geeks, history buffs, collectors and general lovers of all-things-Toronto get a sneak peek at one of the most impressive and unique collections of film memorabilia in the city. Curated by film programmer Colin Geddes, who recently departed TIFF after two decades of Midnight Madness popularity, the vault boasts valuables ranging from martial arts action figures to priceless pieces of Toronto’s history in the film industry.  READ MORE

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