Toronto: Industry News 5/16/17


♦ Nothing new and exciting on Netflix? Get lost for hours in Canada on Screen — a vivid, comprehensive and interactive collection of 150 Canadian works of motion picture, lovingly compiled by TIFF. Bonus essays embedded throughout, for those who love a good backstory! READ MORE

♦ Toronto is famous for its on-screen portrayal of other iconic cities around the world… but what about all the times the city played different versions of itself on film? Here’s a look at a few noteworthy cinematic stories that were filmed and set in our beloved city. READ MORE

Ane Crabtree

♦ Finally! After winning multiple ‘Best New Series’ awards, picking up a Netflix deal and climbing to the #1 spot of most-watched scripted series on ABC, fans rejoice as a second season of political drama Designated Survivor is finally confirmed… READ MORE

♦ Like so many other tales of a dystopian future, wardrobe is an intrinsic part of the story in the new hit series The Handmaid’s Tale. Costume designer Ane Crabtree explains how the 1985 Margaret Atwood novel inspired her to find feminism and how she had to leave her comfort zone to work on the series … and spills on secret messages she hid in the garments used on set! READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Miranda Cross


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