Toronto: Industry News 7/11/17


♦ Besides iconic scenes, famous lines and favourite characters, there is one major element of classic films that always leaves a lasting impression on audiences: the score! Orchestral “movie nights” are rising in popularity, with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony both hopping aboard the trend of adding live performances of memorable movie tunes to their rosters — a move that many modern composers feel will help draw new audiences to the medium while still paying respect to its classical roots. READ MORE

♦ Theatre season is underway in Ontario, with Toronto Fringe Festival, Shaw Festival and Stratford Festival all soaking up their fair share of the summer entertainment spotlight. But the biggest standing ovation this summer goes to the Tony Award-winning musical Come From Away, a truly Canadian tale of small-town hospitality written by Ontario-based playwright couple, David Hein and Irene Sankoff. recently landed a coveted spot on Broadway. Here’s a look at some other Ontario-borne stage productions over the years that went the distance and made it to the Big Apple. READ MORE

♦ As part of their efforts to keep the Canada 150 celebrations going strong past July 1st, Cineplex announced last week the launch of a new youth-oriented video contest, aptly named ‘Beyond 150’. Aimed at teens aged 14-18, Beyond 150 invites budding film enthusiasts to submit a short video that creatively explains how they would contribute to Canada’s film industry or enhance the Canadian movie-going experience. With a huge prize at stake, the contest is sure to attract the best and brightest of Canada’s future filmmakers. READ MORE

Warren P. Sonoda

♦ Already considered one of Canada’s most prolific and versatile directors, Warren P. Sonoda has now proven he can take on just about any type of project — even indie theatre. His Toronto Fringe Festival debut, Hands Down, was inspired by an unused movie idea of Sonoda’s and written on the fly after his girlfriend and frequent-collaborator, Jen Pogue, secretly entered their names into the festival draw. READ MORE

♦ Here are five red-hot sci-fi series that film in Toronto, including the upcoming Star Trek series and the third season of The Expanse, both of which will be shooting in the GTA this summer! READ MORE

Compiled and Submitted by Miranda Cross


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