Toronto: Industry News 5/24/17

Sail-In Cinema

♦ Rock the vote, not the boat! PortsToronto has now confirmed a seventh annual run of Sail-In Cinema — a much-celebrated outdoor film festival featuring an enormous, floating, double-sided screen, designed to allow both boaters and beachgoers to take part in the fun. Three movies will be selected from a shortlist and screened during the festival’s three-day run in August… don’t miss your chance to vote for your favourites online! READ MORE

♦ In other nautical news, Walt Disney Studios Canada took to Toronto’s Harbourfront in mid-May to stage a “pirate takeover” of the Empire Sandy, to promote the upcoming blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The resulting video, which went viral over Victoria Day weekend, is the latest of many ‘experiential marketing’ events Disney has launched in Toronto in recent years. READ MORE

♦ It’s no secret that Hollywood has had a lasting love affair with Toronto and its neighbouring cities… but who knew The Heartland Province had so much global appeal? Ontario is quickly becoming an international sweetheart as filmmakers from around the world set up camp and discover the cinematic potential of cities like Toronto, Hamilton and Dundas. READ MORE

♦ A culturally insensitive editorial that appeared in the spring issue of Write magazine — and the joking Twitter remarks that followed — sparked a huge controversy in the CanLit community this month. Here’s the story of one Toronto lawyer who hit back with a crowdfunding campaign that tripled its fundraising goal almost overnight… and brought hundreds of the nation’s literati together with a common goal of positive change. READ MORE

The Weeknd

♦ This past February, it seemed like every news media outlet, blogger and eagle-eyed fan of Toronto-born superstar The Weeknd had found out about the not-so-secret music video shoot for “Secrets”, filmed on the University of Toronto campus. Purported to be the next single off his hugely successful third album, Starboy, the music video for “Secrets” still hasn’t been so much as teased for release, nor has the track gotten any radio airtime… leaving fans and critics wondering, waiting and wanting more. READ MORE

♦ With the fifth and final season of Orphan Black airing in just a few weeks, longtime fans and newcomers alike are in binge-watch mode. Check out this list of all of the show’s Toronto filming locations… and say hello to the most addictive entertainment-themed wiki since TV Tropes!  READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Miranda Cross


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