Vancouver Weekly Wrapup: 6/26/17


♦ Since we recently celebrated  National Aboriginal Day (June 21) in Canada, here’s a roundup of recently announced national initiatives to address systemic inequities and problems facing indigenous content in the film industry, as well as a few local screenings to take in. On June 12, Canadian heritage minister Mélanie Joly announced that several industry organizations were collaborating to create an Indigenous Screen Office in Canada… READ MORE

♦ If making a feature film in a language that only a handful of people speak is a box- office risk, the team behind Edge of the Knife really does not care. Currently in production on Haida Gwaii, Edge of the Knife is being shot in Haida – a language that fewer than 20 people speak fluently. This comes with many challenges in production and post-production, with actors who aren’t conversant in the language performing in a film directed by non-Haida speakers. But the filmmakers are focused on aspirations other than ticket sales and critical reviews, the traditional measures of success… READ MORE 

Winston Helgason

♦ It is an art form practised in deep, need-to-know secrecy but eventually seen by millions of people around the world – more than will view the most acclaimed canvasses. The work is quietly created on computers in dozens of visual-effects studios across the Vancouver region. There are, for example, so many studios in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood that some call it Mount Pixel. … READ MORE

♦ Hollywood stars aren’t the only ones shining. Vernon is garnering rave reviews as it hosts the filming of Distorted, featuring Christina Ricci and John Cusack. “It’s a beautiful part of the valley and a beautiful city,” said Kevin DeWalt, chief executive officer of Saskatchewan-based Minds Eye Entertainment. In fact, Ricci, best known for the The Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow, and Cusack, who was in in 2012 and High Fidelity, have been exploring the region. “They absolutely love the city and they’ve been looking around on their time off,” said DeWalt, adding that Ricci took her son and husband to Kangaroo Creek in Lake Country… READ MORE

♦ Who shot Fred Andrews? Season One of The CW’s Archie Comics adaption Riverdale ended with an unknown assailant shooting Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) during a robbery at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe as his son Archie (KJ Apa) watched helplessly. Did Hiram Lodge (newly cast Mark Consuelos) order the hit? That would complicate things with #Varchie — the shipper name for new couple Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and Archie… READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Meagan Hotz


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