Vancouver Weekly Wrapup: 6/6/17

Mimic Performance Capture president Graham Qually in the new studio -- picture via

♦ The country’s largest performance capture studio has opened at the Vancouver Film School. The state-of-the-art facility will work to serve one of the fastest growing industries in North America, and is already booked for motion capture work in both film, television and gaming production for the next year. Performance capture studios allow movie, TV and video game companies to film actors and insert them them into digitally-created environments… READ MORE

♦ Turkish-Canadian Nural Sumbultepe says it’s easy to look at her country through a binary lens. The Vancouver English teacher says that Turkey is often seen as a society divided between the left and the right, the secular and the nonsecular, or the urban versus rural residents. But Sumbultepe, spokesperson for the Vancouver Turkish Film Festival, insists that things are far more complex than that…  READ MORE

♦ Neill Blomkamp, whose films like District 9 and Elysium make extensive use of vfx and animation, has unveiled his new passion project: Oats Studios, a Vancouver company dedicated to creating experimental vfx-driven short films… READ MORE

Evelyn Spice Cherry

♦ A feminist satire about oil and gas workers, a kidnapping adventure and a dark comedy about the social-media revolution during Calgary’s 2008 oil boom are among the film projects that will receive funding and support from a new program overseen by the Calgary Film Centre… READ MORE

♦ Yorkton-born Evelyn Spice Cherry spent five decades making documentary films and was a founding member of the National Film Board. After receiving a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, she worked at the Yorkton Enterprise and spent two years as a Regina Leader-Post society writer, back in the days when bylines were few and far between… READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Meagan Hotz


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