Vancouver Weekly Wrapup: 7/31/17


♦ A truckload of productions, from Feature Films, MOW’s, to new and returning TV series, have kicked off filming in Vancouver! – Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is in town for his latest movie called Richard Says Goodbye. The movie was written by Wayne Roberts (Katie Says Goodbye) and is about a college professor who decides to live out the rest of his time on the edge following a diagnosis with a life threatening illness. Roberts also serves as director for the film… READ MORE

♦ A group of young people in Pelican Narrows, Sask., have spent part of their summer translating their experience of life on the northern reserve into song, film and photography. It’s all part of Wapikoni Mobile — a professional audiovisual studio that tours Indigenous communities across Canada, giving young people the tools and guidance to make short films and music videos… READ MORE

♦ Alberta film She Has a Name wins big at the Top Indie Film Awards – The locally-produced and highly acclaimed film She Has A Name continues to garner awards and recognition several months after its initial release. She Has A Name has added five Top Indie Film Awards to its growing acclaim… READ MORE

Mary MacLaren in Bread (1918)

♦ In 1978, in north-west Canada’s Yukon territory, construction on a new recreation centre was under way in a small rural settlement called Dawson City. As bulldozers tore up the ground where the previous sports hall had stood, a remarkable discovery came to light: hundreds of reels of ancient nitrate film. … READ MORE

♦ Metro Vancouver developing a portal for cohesive film shoot planning across different municipalities – Metro Vancouver is creating an online portal that’s expected to make it easier for film companies to set up shoots in communities across the region. The regional registration portal for filming is part of Metro Vancouver’s regional prosperity initiative, which involves metro’s municipalities working together to promote economic development… READ MORE

Compiled and submitted by Meagan Hotz




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